Wax Museum

This is Betsy Ross the flag maker.

For school weare doing the wax museum.A wax museum is were 3rd grade bulldogs dress as famouse people.I am doing Betsy Ross.What we have to do is we first have to do research.Then we have to put our research on our rough draft.Then we put our rough drafts on our final copies (but it has to be neater).Then we do our portrate of our person.We first have to look at our person then do our best to draw them.After that we do a mini movie.That is when we have to do the 3 most important event in there lives for the mini movie.After that we do these tiny little slips that are 5 deatails that discribe them,a life lesson,a final fact,and a famouse quote.Then we put all our final things on our poster and glue them down.Finally we do our bibliografy. Then we have to find a costume that looks like what they wore.Then we start putting our stuff in the gym and do our wax museum.


Over spring break my family went to kalahari.When we first saw kalahari my Dad said ”OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH”OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”Me Zach and Colin were couriouse why he said that.Then I looked infront of me and it was amazing.It was huge it was kalahari.We went inside to check in and it was like africa.So well my Dad was checking in my Dad said go see the baby lion.Then we walked to the lion and he was rolling around in his cage.When my Dad was done checking in we went to our room.It was  a big hotel room.My Dad said that we were going to the waterpark.We got our bathing suits on and went to the waterpark.When we got there we had no idea what we were doing.But we figured it out.We went in the wave pool first.The waves were huge.Colin loved it but he got water on his face alot.I had tones of fun in the wavepool.The next thing we did was the basket ball hoop.We played a basketball game me and Zach VR.Colin and my Dad.We tied.The next thing we did were the water slides.There was a pourple one and a red one.The pourple one was faster then the red one but the red one went outside.



Today in school we went to prezi.Prezi is a thing were you make something and you get to choose your style. Mrs.Campagna asigned us to do webs about main idea and detail.I did a chapter book so I just picked a chapter of the story.My book was diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth.My main idea was the taroble things that happend at the lock-in.My details were about the taroble things that happen at the lock-in.If you want to visit this website you go to prezi.com .Then you go to sign up in the uper right corner.


In school we have been reviewing symmetry.Today we wrote our names cut them out and made them into symmetry.Symmetry is very important because it will help you when your older for work.If you havn’t learned symmetry I’ll show you and teach you.The simple shape to draw is a square.Now put a line up and down ways.Thats symmetry!You can do more symmetry on a square to.You could do it right to left and diaganally.Here are some pictures.


Response to Happy News

In an artical I found it was about how many buterflys make a butiful glow.There actually talking about a lot of buterflys together..This was in mexico.This happened october 22 2012.The artical said there were about 20,000 buterflys.Here are things they had to say in the artical.

  1. ” The reserve hosts up to a billion butterflies each year, after they  have made their migration from North America in a 2,500 mile journey to the  warmer climes of Mexico between October and March.”
  2. ” When the butterflies migrate to the reserve they congregate thickly on trees to  conserve heat, open their wings to catch the sun’s warming rays and at dawn take  flight in their millions and mate.”
  3. ” The beautiful sights of monarch butterflies at the Sierra Chincua reserve in  Mexico.”
“Congregating on trees in their millions and creating a wonderful orange glow as they fly around, the beautiful monarch butterflies at the Sierra Chincua reserve in Mexico are a spectacular sight.” 

5.”The reserve hosts up to a billion butterflies each year, after they have made their migration from North America in a 2,500 mile journey to the warmer climes of Mexico between October and March.”

Those were some things from the artical talking about the glow of a lot  of buterflys.

My opinion is that I think this is true.I think it’s true because buterflys are colorful.

I also found tons of facts about buterflys.



The New Library

I was at the opening of the library.  The mayor was there and he made a big speach.It took about 30 minuts but it was worth it.  We went inside and it was crouded as ever.I need my bubble space but I didn’t get any of that.I said that we should leave and my Dad agreed.So we went outside to the activity center and it was frezing.There were 2 dogs that we saw outside 1st.One of the dogs had an interesting story.So I’ll tell it.So there was a family who lived in a condo.They had a dog.The family put in there furniture and right after the dog ate the couch.Then we saw 5 other dogs.After that we saw an ice scoulpter.He ice scoulpted the library the picture of the cuyahoga county library branch and a parent reading to a child.Then we went to the inside activity room.There was hot chocolate so we got some! Then my Dad saw this thing were you fill out a form and if you get picked you get to go somewere. So he did it. Then we saw were you could get a cuyoga county library card so we got in line. Then I realized how long it was so I told my Dad. So we left the line. My Dad said well go back tommarow which we did.  So we went back outside to the outside activity center. We went back to the dogs. After that we saw plinko So we went over. I went first and won a highlighter. Colin was next and he won gloves. My Dad was next and he won a braclet. My Dad asked me if  I wanted it so I said” sure”. Colin got cranky and said “I want the braclet” so we traded. My Dad started to laugh and I said “What”. Then he said “You went the smart way” then I said “For what” then he said  “For trading the braclet for the gloves”. Then Colin started winning that his hands were cold. Then we got in the car and went home. Thats how the library opening went.




  1. My favorite color .Blue,Pourple,Or green.
  2. How many family members do I have for our small family. 5,3,7.
  3. My favorite food .Pizza,Spagetti,Or tacos.
  4. My favorite treat. Ice cream,Brownies,Or cake.
  5. What sports I play. Soccer and basketball,Swimming and soccer,Or baseball and basketball.
  6. My pet. Guinea pig,Dog,Or cat.
  7. My favorite holiday.Christmas,Thanksgiving,Halooween.
  8. My favorite show.Jessie,Marvin Marvin,Or Austin and Ally.
  9. My favorite movie.Brave,Enchanted,Hotel transelvania.
  10. What I like to draw.Dogs,People,Or seens.
  11. What I like to write.A paragraph,A summary,Or a story.
The answers will be next to your comment if you do this.