1. My favorite color .Blue,Pourple,Or green.
  2. How many family members do I have for our small family. 5,3,7.
  3. My favorite food .Pizza,Spagetti,Or tacos.
  4. My favorite treat. Ice cream,Brownies,Or cake.
  5. What sports I play. Soccer and basketball,Swimming and soccer,Or baseball and basketball.
  6. My pet. Guinea pig,Dog,Or cat.
  7. My favorite holiday.Christmas,Thanksgiving,Halooween.
  8. My favorite show.Jessie,Marvin Marvin,Or Austin and Ally.
  9. My favorite movie.Brave,Enchanted,Hotel transelvania.
  10. What I like to draw.Dogs,People,Or seens.
  11. What I like to write.A paragraph,A summary,Or a story.
The answers will be next to your comment if you do this.

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