Today in school we went to prezi.Prezi is a thing were you make something and you get to choose your style. Mrs.Campagna asigned us to do webs about main idea and detail.I did a chapter book so I just picked a chapter of the story.My book was diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth.My main idea was the taroble things that happend at the lock-in.My details were about the taroble things that happen at the lock-in.If you want to visit this website you go to .Then you go to sign up in the uper right corner.


In school we have been reviewing symmetry.Today we wrote our names cut them out and made them into symmetry.Symmetry is very important because it will help you when your older for work.If you havn’t learned symmetry I’ll show you and teach you.The simple shape to draw is a square.Now put a line up and down ways.Thats symmetry!You can do more symmetry on a square to.You could do it right to left and diaganally.Here are some pictures.